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Call Us Today!
(843) 766-5661

Business History

"If your clock does not tic/tock/to/me"
I ETS out of Germany and went to work out Of old clock shop in Germany and took a 7 year apprentice Job through them, I came back to the United States and I Followed up on my clock experience of whom I worked for in Tampa Florida, Stan good Clock shop and worked with them For 3 years and learned more of the clock shop, after Serving time at Stan Good Clock shop and I went out on my Own and opened one of the biggest clock shop in Tampa Florida and we expanded to SC, I Trained 3 apprentices, one of which has a clock shop in Atlanta Georgia, one has a shop in California and one has a shop in Ohio. For more information on my background you may contact us below.
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Captain Mike's Clock Shop
328 MillCreek Drive
Charleston, SC 29407
843-766-5661, Cell:941-779-5347​